DN CORPORATE CENTER 7th Floor Unit B, 1388 Quezon Avenue Brgy, South Triangle Quezon City.

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8 367-8335 loc. 710
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8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


DYD Polyurethane Insulated Panel

DYD hopes to keep up with this century’s situation of pursuing globalization by stressing research and technology development. Through continuous efforts, we look forward to accelerating towards a big leap into a globalize corporation.

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DYD Refrigeration Systems Inc.

DYD Refrigeration Systems Inc., established in year 2003, has been recognized as a premier and leading manufacturer of polyurethane insulated panel and doors based on Korea technology. For 19 years, the company provides Philippines advanced technology solution in Polyurethane manufacturing for small, middle and large scale cold storage applications.

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DYD Refrigeration Systems, Inc.

DYD Refrigeration Systems Inc. is one of the extensive company to provide Philippines advance technology solution in polyurethane manufacturing, structural insulated panels, various doors and freezers for small & middle and large scale cold storage applications.

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