DN CORPORATE CENTER 7th Floor Unit B, 1388 Quezon Avenue Brgy, South Triangle Quezon City.

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8 367-8335 loc. 710
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8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


DYD Refrigeration Systems Inc., established in 2003 year, the company has been jointly owned by DN Steel group of companies, a leading manufacturer and marketing firm of various roofing products in the Philippines since 1982 and Korean investors.

DYD Refrigeration Systems lnc., has been recognized as a premier and leading rnanufacturer of polyurethane insulated panel on hot-pressed high density and doors based on Korea technology and marketing company, providing a wide range of predominantly cold storages, refrigeration equipments and various food processing equiprnents rnade of Korean manufacturers, technical know-how, design and related services to our valued clients in the Philippines.

It is one of the most substantial and wide-ranging company to provide Philippines advanced technology solution in Polyurethane manufacturing, structural insulated panels, various doors and freezers for small & middle and large scale cold storage applications.