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  • DYD Door Series
  • DYD Panel Application
  • Food Processing
  • IQF Freezing System
  • Loading Bay Equipments
  • Pig Slaughtering Machinery
  • Cattle Slaughtering Machinery
  • Cut Meat & Deboning Machinery
  • HACCP – Total Hygiene Equipment
  • Polyurethane Spray Foam
  • Refrigeration & Air Condition Equipment
  • Tube Ice Machine & Ice Storage

DYD Door Series

DYD – Polyurethane Insulated Door Series

Based on the technical licence agreement and marketing distribution agreement (KOREA and JAPAN TECHNOLOGY – Exclusive distributor in the Philippines) with ‘Yong Sung Refrigeration Co., Ltd.’ in Korea and ‘Nankyoku Bounetu Co.,Ltd.’ In Japan, DYD Refrigeration Systems Inc. have manufactured and supplied the new developed compact design insulated door system by combination of new technology and new materials for various customer’s demands and requirements, which is totally different type from the ordinary doors.

Also by our own design, we are developing all doors parts to be suitable forHACCP(Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) programassuring durability, safety, versatility, sanitation purposes. We are doing efforts to produce and supply the high quality insulated doors system with lower costs to our customers.


DYD – Insulated Door System advantages

  • Preventing the doors from corrosion, the lumber entirely is not used at DYD doors.
  • By using poly-urethane foam, insulation effect of door is increased
  • Door is easily to open and close with the weight being 1/3 less than the ordinary door type
  • The corrosion is prevented by using aluminium, anti bacterial plastic and stainless steel at surface of door, handle, and fastener parts
  • The series of doors fabricated by DYD are suitable for all HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) regulations
  • Gasket packing materials is made as SANPRENE – anti-moulds & bacterial treatment for strong oil resistant and a long self life, extreme low temperature use(up to -70 ºC), and it gives a high insulation effect by 4 times sealing structure.

DYD – Sliding Doors (Manual /Automatic, and Single / Double )

1) Application of DYD Sliding Doors :

  • Available in Manual, automatic, single and double sliding doors type to be applied for various demands of gasket sealed and polyurethane insulated with variable thickness by using temperature requirements
  • Good for middle and large –scale cold storages
  • Various food processing industries and supermarket

2) Sliding Mechanism :

  • Door hanger sliding system for easy and gentle open/close
  • Using heavy duty non-corrosive J- Aluminium rail track to minimize wear/tear of nylon roller for smooth slide.
  • By using reinforced aluminium for the sliding rail materials, minimizing the abrasion with the sliding roller.
  • Designed to eliminate noise and increase durability, the reinforced nylon rollers at our sliding door are used

3) PVC door jamb : Designed for thermal break, sealing tight gasket insertion/rigid structure along 3 sides

4) Aluminium gaskets holder and door heater :

  • Designed for Sanprene gaskets and defrost heater insertion al.moulds along the four sides of door frame

5) DYD – Automatic Sliding doors (single / double) features:

  • Adaptation of micro chip enables to control several functions automatically – door speed, torque control, door open/close(half or less), trouble shooting.
  • By using the smallest AC motor (Micom control compact type, 1 phase100 Volt), strong power, high durability, and less noise at the optimum conditions. And it is installed at the relatively small area inside rail cover for HACCP.
  • Operated by pull (wire rope) switch and push switch. Can be operated by photo sensors (optional) and be controlled by remote control even when on forklift operation.(optional)
  • Internal lock function connected with the external systems can be functioned. (optional)

6) DYD – Sliding door Specifications

Sliding Type Manual / Automatic, Single/Double Sliding
Door Thickness (mm) 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 150 mm Thick Panel, polyurethane
Temperature of room ( +) 15 ºC – Up to (-) 50 ºC
Surface Skin 0.5 – 0.6 mm  T PPGI or PPGL/0.6 mm T Stainless Steel 304
Door Jamb Extruded PVC door Jamb
Gasket Sanprene gasket for exetreme temperature application
Lock Gunplate safe lock
Door Header 9 / 16 ohm for 4 sides door leaf, electronic temp. controller
Rail Extruded Aluminum J shape rails with heavy duty rollers
Overlap 60 mm overlapping on opening
Door Accessories Aluminum gasket/heater holders, Plastic Handles, emergency escape, rail brackets, bottom guide roller, Rail cover, buffer device, temperature controller, Chains (auto), pull/push switch (auto), other fixing components.


DYD – Swing Doors (Single and double swing door design)

1) Application of DYD Swing Doors

  • Available in Manual single and double swing doors type to be applied for various demands of gasket sealed and polyurethane insulated with variable thickness by using temperature requirements
  • Good for small scale cold room
  • Walk-in chillers and freezers


2) Swing doors Mechanism

  • Usual opening angle application up to 90º
  • Swing Door leaf framed by PVC Z type sashes
  • Swing Door Jamb framed by PVC C type sashes
  • Sanprene E-type side gaskets, Sweep type bottom gasket with gasket holder to seal gap in between door leaf and door jamb
  • Using heavy duty chrome plated or stainless steel door latch, hinges
  • Heater – defrost heater 3 sides surrounding door jamb
  • Installed safety door opening release button inside of room at the rear of door leaf

3) DYD – Swing doors Specifications

Sliding Type Manual, Single/Double Swing
Door Thickness (mm) 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 150 mm Thick Panel, polyurethane
Temperature of room ( +) 15 ºC – Up to (-) 50 ºC
Surface Skin 0.5 – 0.6 mm  T PPGI or PPGL/Stainless Steel 304
Door Jamb Extruded PVC door Jamb
Gasket Sanprene e-type gaskets and sweep type bottom gasket with gasket holder for extreme temperature application
Lock Overlap latch(chrome plated or stainless steel)
Door Header 9 / 16 ohm for 4 sides door jamb
Overlap 35 mm overlapping on opening, sweep overlap on bottom
Door Accessories Latch, Hinge, Handle, safety release button, other fixing components.

<insert swing-door-structural-drawing.jpg>

DYD- Vertical up/down Door-automatic /manual, single / Split type

1) Vertical up/down Door features (Based on KOREA / JAPAN TECHNOLOGY)

  • Good for warehouses when there is no area on the sides or for automatic line storages
  • Less overload for opening, by balancing in between door and balancer to be connected by chain
  • This door can be easily stopped when opening manually.
  • When operated automatically, it is to be opened and closed with the conveyer

2) DYD – Vertical up/down doors Specifications


Vertical Door Type Manual/automatic, Single/Split, ½ level
Door Thickness (mm) 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 150 mm Thick Panel, polyurethane
Temperature of room ( +) 15 ºC – Up to (-) 50 ºC
Surface skin 0.5 – 0.6 mm  T PPGI or PPGL/Stainless Steel 304
Door Jamb Extruded stainless or aluminum door Jamb
Door Heater Separate circuit wiring from the motor line
Effective size 2,500 mm W X 2,500 mm H, other size will be specified
Door Accessories Chain, balancer, motor (auto), handle, fixing components


DYD – Manual Heavy Duty Overlap Door- manual single/double

1) Heavy Duty overlap Door features (Based on KOREA /JAPAN TECHNOLOGY)

  • Good for small cold storage where not many people passing, and Balst freezer
  • Maximum door opening degree : 90 to 180º
  • Single and double opening overlap doors also available



Overlap Door Type Manual, Single/Double
Door Thickness (mm) 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 150 mm Thick Panel, polyurethane
Temperature of room ( +) 15 ºC – Up to (-) 50 ºC
Surface skin 0.5 – 0.6 mm  T PPGI or PPGL/Stainless Steel 304
Door Jamb Extruded PVC/stainless/aluminum door Jamb
Door Heater 4 sides Door Leaf circuit wiring, middle (double)
Gasket Sanprene gaskets at 3 sides, centre (double, half round), bottom
Effective size 1,800 mm W X 4,000 mm H (single),

4,500 mm W X 4,500 mm H(double), other sizes will be specified

Door Accessories Heavy duty hinges, gun-plate safe lock, plastic handle, aluminum gasket/heater holder, temperature controller, fixing components.

DYD – Monorail Overlap Door – single sliding and overlap swing

  • Ideal application for slaughter houses and cutting & deboning plant
  • Vinyl chloride sheets equipped at the upper part of monorail

DYD – Flip-Flop Door (Based on KOREA TECHNOLOGY)

  • Maximum door opening degree : 180 º, Wider view by view glass, single / double type
  • Application for inside cold storage, food processing plants
  • Rubber Spring bumper absorbs hitting shock
  • Tight seal protecting gasket, Heavy duty floor mounted hinges
  • Poly-Urethane foam inside material for effective insulation

DYD – Air blower shutter – side horizontal air flow circulation (based on Korea Technology)

  • Double blocking cold air from sinking to the bottom, Blocking heat from entering from the top
  • Up to 30~50% energy cost saving than top to the bottom type air curtain
  • Pre-filter at best of the opening always allowing clean air to flow in
  • Optimum control by of the wings on opening
  • Minimizing cool air leaking by using gaskets

DYD – Air blower Curtain – Vertical air flow

  • Blocking cool air and energy saving
  • Insect resistant
  • Blocking dust and odor inlet
  • Increasing sales and stability

DYD – Vinyl sheet Curtain Doors, Strip Curtain door

  • Easy and economic installation, Saving energy costs
  • Effective insulation of temperature, anti-insect, blocking noise and wind

DYD – Floor Heater (underneath Doors along opening line)

  • Avoiding Ice Built Up underneath Doors
  • Fast and transferring heat to the floor
  • Easy installation, small space required, 500 mm W X 2,500 mm, spacing with plastic nets
  • Long self-life,
  • 500 W electric consumption – self heating

DYD – Air Tight Door (Clean Room, manual/auto, single/double sliding)

1) Air tight door features (based on KOREA / JAPAN TECNOLOGY)

  • Application for clean rooms to be suitable for HACCP – Food processing plants, electronic semi conduct industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Hatchery farms, Hospitals
  • Achieved A-4 level for sealing tightness.(Japan’s Nankyoku Bounetsu Co., Ltd.)
  • By using poly-urethane foam, making it light weight with high durability, insulation and moisture prevention functions, equipped with viewing glasses
  • Non contact sensors allow the doors to be opened more easily so it can be maintained under cleanness condition. Sensor type safety switches or tap switches be equipped.
  • Manual opening is smooth. Also, it can be maintained under cleanness condition because automatically closing after being opened.
  • For safety, the air brake is activated when the door is closed automatically and is to reduce the door closing speed to be lessened shock when collided.
Measurement Pressure difference(Pa) Ventilation Volume (m3/h.32)
Single Double
10 0.09 0.13
30 0.18 0.26
50 0.29 0.37
100 0.91 0.6


Air tight door Type Manual /Auto, Single/Double sliding
Effective Size Single sliding ; 600 – 2,000 mm W X 3,000H X 42 mmT


Double Sliding ; 1,200 – 4,000 mm W X 3,000H X 42mmT

Door Leaf Surface PPGI or PPGL or Stainless steel 304
Leaf Frame Aluminum alloy extruded materials
Inside Polystyrene foam
Rubber Rigid poly chloride
Handle Anti bacterial resin (inner aluminum substitute added)
Guide Roller Stainless steel 304
Door Jamb 3 Side Frame Aluminum alloy extruded materials
Gaskets Rigid poly chloride
Drive Function 4 sides Door Leaf Circuit wiring, middle (double)
Options Window Acrylic board 5 T/Glass (attached shatter proof film)
Window Frame Aluminum alloy extruded materials
Reduction Gear Cylinder
Safety fixture Sensor switch / tap switch

            DYD –Fireproof Doors and Marine Fireproof Heat Shielding Door

(Manual/auto – single/double sliding, overlap based on KOREA/JAPAN TECHNOLOGY)

DYD – High Speed Door (Automatic)

The high speed door is based on KOREA TECHNOLOGY and is capable of rapid and smooth operation with a highly durable curtain fabric, spring counter balance system, a high-performance electric drive unit, and an inverter-equipped controller with various sensors. It is the economical and efficient automatic door with safety devices and convenient functions.


1) DYD – High Speed Door applications
Logistic centres,Cold storages, Food processing plants,

DYD – High Speed Door Features ;
DYD – high speed consists of a durable fabric sheet, aluminium frame, a rapid operator, a counter balance system, and various safety devices.

  1. Materials : THK2.5 fabric(polyester sheet + acrylic coating)
  2. Counter balance : Tension spring balance
  3. Door speed : Opening – 1.5 to 2.5m/s, Closing – 0.5 to 1.5m/s
  4. Wind pressure : Inside 20 to 28m/s
  5. Temperature : Applicable (-)35 ºC to (+) 85 ºC
  6. Maximum size : Available range – up to 6,000 mm W X 6,000 mm H


  • No surface temperature increase where the fire is flamed to 1000 Celsius degree, realizing very high fireproof and preventing freezing because of the heater inserted inside gasket packing. (Certificate Nos. in Japan ; EA-0155-6 for Special fireproofand CAT-0348-9 For Danger preventive provisions of single/double sliding doors)
  • Door is covered by fireproof materials of Silicate calcium board With PU insulation foam, door frame is made of silicate calcium board lined with stainless steel sheet
  • 30% lighter weight compared with other fireproof door makers, so easy and smooth opening/closing can be done without vibration. And the durability of all using parts are improved for a long self-life.
  • Equipped with the emergency escape device which enables. people to open from inside room, in case of door open/close switch malfunctioned.



Ideal Application Includes:

  • Various Cold storages for meats, fishes, fruits, vegetables, ice, further processed food and meat products, chemicals,
  • Chicken dressing plants, pig & cattle slaughter houses, dairy and milk processing plants, fisheries & sea-foods processing plants, further meat processing plants, various beverage processing plants,
  • Wet- markets and food terminals
  • Agricultural poultry houses & Hatcheries, Piggery houses & Boar houses
  • Commercial walk in freezers and chillers for shopping mall, super & hyper market, Hotel & restaurants, Institutional school, Military and Factory canteens
  • Blast freezers and chillers
  • Various IQF freezers
  • Refrigerated trucks, vans and fishing troll boats
  • Clean room and air conditioning rooms for Pharmaceutical, Semi-conduct industries
  • Telecommunication cell site cabins


Various Food (Meat) Processing Line Equipments (Korean Makers)

Ham & Sausages Processing line flow and equipments

Process: Raw materials → Curing at cooling storage→ Grinding → Vacuum Bowl cutting→ Vacuum stuffing → Smoking→ Intensive water spray cooling→ Staging at Cooling room → Vacuum Packaging→ Boxing

Nuggets & Hamburger Patties line flow and equipments

Process: Forming→ Predusting→ Battering → Breading→ Frying → Air tunnel cooling→ Spiral Freezing→ Vacuum Packaging→ Boxing

Barbeque Ham & Skinless sausage line flow and equipments

Process: Vacuum stuffing→ Forming nozzle→ Super-oven cooking → Colouring→ Steaming→ Air tunnel cooling (cascade)→ staging at Cooling room→ Vacuum Packaging→ Boxing

Corned Beef Cooker line flow and equipments

Process: Frozen meat blocks → Defrosting→ Pre-cutting → Vacuum tumbling→ Curing at cooling room → Hot Kneader – Double jacket agitating cooker→Shredding→ Canning→ Retorting→ Boxing



Various meat processing preparation and canning equipments

Equipments: Frozen Block Flaker, Meat Grinder, Vacuum Mixer, Pickle Injector, Vacuum Tumbler, Vacuum stuffer, Various Former for hamburger, nuggets, Retort for can & Pouches


Individual Quick Freezing System (IQF)

DYD – IQF Freezing System Outline

DYD – IQF Freezers – Tunnel Freezer, Spiral freezer and batch quick freezer are based on KOREA TECHNOLOGY and the most ideal way of food preservation and distribution for IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) products. And these freezers are effectively used and applied for various chilled & frozen products processing. These freezers are suitable for all production lines, single and multiple, increasing productivity as well as saving energy and labour costs, and satisfying consumer demands.

The advantages to use DYD-IQF Freezing systems ;

  1. The fast/quick cooling and freezing time will be accomplished within 10 to 60 minute compared with 6 to 8 hours the conventional blast freezing (slow freezing)
  2. Flexible application for the continuous production line in combination with pre and post processing lines such as steamer, baker, fryer, boiling and various packaging
  3. Fully automated production line increases the productivity by 60 % more.
  4. Tremendous labour saving, running cost down, easy maintenance & cleaning for HACCP foods safe program which could not be achieved from the ordinary freezers. The premium quality of products will be provided to the processors as shown below

DYD – IQF Freezing System Applications

Chilled & frozen food products wide range of Raw food materials and processed products ;

  • Aquatic products – crab, squids, shrimp, tuna, mackerels, various fisheries etc.
  • Various Cooked and Fried products – Chicken nuggets, Hamburger patties, fried fishes, Meat ball, Imitate crabs, fired shrimp etc. frozen products after cooking and frying
  • Meat products – Pork, Beef, Chicken, and other meats
  • Dumplings and Noodles – Dumplings, Siomai, Siopao, Spring rolls, Wanton, Spaghettis, Noodles
  • Breading powders, Croquettes, Pizza pies, Snacks, Fish jellies, Pudding, Desserts, etc.
  • Fruits products – Banana, Pineapple, Mango other Fruits

DYD – IQF Freezing ‘Tunnel Freezer’


  • FAN MOTOR is mounted on the outside of the freezer (Patented) : by reducing heat created from motor, loading capacity of compressor on freezer will be minimized.
  • Efficient and sanitary system to be suitable for HACCP, Freshness Quality Control System for quick freezing.
  • Effective systems through compact and simple design, reducing labour, operating costs
  • Strong, rigid belt design, Mesh and flat belt used for sanitation (stainless steel, Plastic)
  • Flexibly used with steamer, oven, fryer, boiler – all kinds of food manufacturing lines.
  • The differential pressure created by turbo fan, providing unique circulation of air flow.
  • Total automatic production line by automatic control system with built in inverter.
  • The extended continuous production time without down time of defrosting interval period is achievable by ADF (automatic De-Frost) system as option (Patented).


Model DTF-250 DTF-500 DTF-750 DTF-1000
Capacity 250kg/h 500kg/h 750kg/h 1000kg/h
Dimension (mm) 2,800  W 2,800  W 2,800  W 3,400 W
12,000 L 18,000 L 20,000 L 23,000 L
2,200 H 2,200 H 2,200 H 2,200 H
Cooling fan motor 5 hp X 4 5 hp X 8 5 hp X 12 5 hp X14
Compressors(60hz) 37-55 kw 37-92 kw 55-165 kw 110-220 kw
Drive Motor 3 ph, 220 V , 0.5 kw – 2.2 kw

DYD – IQF Freezing ‘Spiral Freezer’


  • Spiral Freezer can be installed at the limited area by the compact type design and unit module type design.
  • Flexible design for input and output direction (straight type, L-type, U-type shape)
  • Wide range of applications(cooling, drying, steaming, freezing spiral system)
  • Strong, rigid belt design, Mesh and flat belt used for sanitation (stainless steel, Plastic)
  • The extended continuous production time without down time of defrosting interval period is achievable by ADF (automatic De-Frost) system as option (Patented).
  • FAN MOTOR is mounted on the outside of the freezer (Patented) : by reducing heat created from motor, loading capacity of compressor on freezer will be minimized.
  • Automatic control system by inverter and PLC built –in
  • CIP (Clean-in-place) system are available for belt and inside chamber cleaning (details as specified by option of customer design)


Model DSF-250 DSF-500 DSF-750 DSF-1000
Capacity 250kg/h 500kg/h 750kg/h 1000kg/h
Dimension (mm) 4,500  W 4,500  W 5,200  W 5,200 W
6,000 L 6,800 L 7,500 L 8,000 L
2,700 H 3,300 H 4,000 H 4,700 H
Cooling fan motor 5 hp X 4 5 hp X 3 5 hp X 4 5 hp X 5
Compressors(60hz) 37-55 kw 57-92 kw 92-110 kw 110-165 kw
508 wide 609 wide
Drive Motor 3 ph, 220 V , 0.5 kw – 2.2 kw


DYD – IQF Freezing ‘Batch type Quick Freezer’

  • By using trolley carts, suitable application to various products for small production
  • Without process stop, it is connected in between pre-processing and post-processing.
  • Quick freezing by strong air circulation (Down flow design) of Axial fan
  • Using inverter controller, air speed is controlled variably for producing various products.
  • In case of adapting a complete condensing unit, no necessary separated machine room.
  • By using trolley carts, after freezing process the trolley carts can be stored inside room


Capacity 140kg/h 280kg/h 420kg/h
Dimension (mm) 2,200 W 2,200 W 2,200 W
2,200 L 4,400 L 6,600 L
3,100 H 3,100 H 3,100 H
Cooling fan motor 5 hp x 2 5hp x 4 5hp x 6
Compressors(60hz) 22 kw 37 kw 55kw


Loading Bay Equipments (Korean Makers)


  1. DYD – Sectional Door(manual / auto)
    • Max. size : 13m W X 8 m H
    • Panel Thickness : 50 mm T PU,
    • Panel pitch : 530/610mm
    • Viewing glass equipped
  2. DYD – Dock Leveller (Hydraulic operated/ Manual)Size – 2.0 m W X 2.5 m L X 600mm H
  3. DYD – Dock Seal
    • Small : 1.6m W X 2.2m H
    • Big : 2.3 m W X 2.7 m H
  4. DYD – Dock Shelter
    • Standard size ; for 40ft container3450mm W x 3600mm H X 600mm D
  5. DYD – Air Inflatable Dock Shelter
    • Standard size ; for 40ft container3600mm W x 3555mm H X 770mm D
    • Air bag pump : 180W
  6. DYD – Dock Rubber Bumper
    • Size : 250 W X 500L X 125mm D

CO2 전살기 Carbon Dioxide stunning machine


고전압 전살기 High-voltage stunning machine


저전압 전살기 Low-voltage stunning machine


수평방혈 컨베이어 Horizontal bleeding conveyor


인클라인 컨베이어 Incline conveyor


수직방혈 컨베이어 Vertical bleeding conveyor


선 세척기 Pre-washing machine


스프레이 탕박기 Warm water spray scalding process


물레방아식 탕박기 Water mill-type scalding tank


U-bar 탈모기 U-bar dehairing machine


V-bar 탈모기 V-bar dehairing machine


에어건 Pneumatic 에어건-Pneumatic-conveyor


겜블링 컨베이어 Gambling conveyor


후처리 컨베이어 Incline conveyor


건조기 Drying machine


잔모 소각기 Singeing furnace


예냉실 레일 Rail for chilling room


자동이분도체기 Automatic carcass splitting machine


내장검사 컨베이어 Offal inspection & transportation conveyor


급냉터널 컨베이어 Quick freezing tunnel conveyor

롤러 샤클 Roller shackle


머리 이송 및 검사 컨베이어 Head inspection & transportation conveyor


박피기 및 승강 작업대 Vertical dehider & Pneumatic lift for worker


백 내장 검사 컨베이어 White offal inspection conveyor


샤클훅 교체용 호이스트 Shackle  Hock hanging hoist


손 세척 및 칼소독기 Handwash basin & knife sterilizer


수직방혈 레일 및 샤클회수 컨베이어 Vertical bleeding rail & Shackle return conveyor


승강 작업대(예박작업 외) Pneumatic lifter(pre-dehiding, offal removal, carcass splitting, trimming, washing)


인클라인 윈치 및 안전 포스트 Carcass incline winch & safety post


족 교체 및 후부 작업대 Worktable plate for Feet change & rear part working


타격함 Stunning Box & Schute


후처리 컨베이어 또는 후처리 레일 Dressing conveyor or Dressing rail & auto-stopper

갈비뼈 골발기 Rib-bone puller


골절기 Bone cutter (Band saw)


금속 검출기 Metal detector


대 발골 작업대 Large deboning worktable plate


랩포장대 및 미트홀더 Wrap packing table & Meat holder


롤러 컨베이어 및 롤러 작업대 Roller conveyor & Roller table for carton box packing


모듈러 벨트 컨베이어 Modular belt conveyor (Customer’s choice)


밴딩기 Strapping machine by manual


슈링크 터널 Shrink tunnel


스키너 Skinner


연속식 칠러 Continuous chiller


저울 및 라벨발행기 Roller conveyor & Roller table for carton box packing


진공 포장기 Vacuum packing machine

HACCP – Air Shower

HACCP – Apron Sterilizing Dryer


HACCP – Entrance to Processing plant

HACCP – Entrance to Processing plant

HACCP – Wash Hand Basin

DYD – Polyurethane Spay Foam, Polyurea Coating (based on KOREA TECHNOLOGY)

DYD – Polyurethane Spray Foam Outline and Application

  • Seamless monolithic insulation system
  • Very low water absorption – Stable strong cellular structure of rigid P.U foam locks out water penetration
  • Dual effects for Insulation and waterproofing – ideal application of metal & concrete roof deck
  • Ideal for flashing at parapet
  • Possible inside spray under roof or truss / outside spray on the top of roof for new and repair works
  • Various application for insulated tanks – Beer tank, Accumulator, Grain silos, water tank
  • Wide range of building roof water proofing by repair and new, and animal (livestock) houses


DYD – Polyurea Coating Outline and Application


  • Reaction of isocyanate with primary amine Terminated polyesthers.
  • Process is high pressure, high temperatureImpingement mix spray equipment
  • Two component spray elastomeric and coating
  • Mixing index : Isocyanate 0.5 kg + Resin 0.5 kg = 1 m2
Properties Tensile Strength Elongation at break Yield Strength CLTE
Value 130-200 kgf/cm2 200-500% 800-1800 kgf/cm2 13.4 X 10-5/ ºC


Air-cooled condensing unit – package type equipped compressors

  • Hermetic scroll compressor equipped
  • Hermetic reciprocating compressor equipped
  • Semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor single stage
  • Semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor 2-stage
  • Semi-hermetic screw compressor (inverter type as option)

Water-cooled condensing unit

as same as air-cooled condensing unit compressor equipped

Air-cooled condensers

Air-cooled fin & tube package, Air-cooled fin & tube (U, H, L, C, V type)

Evaporative condensers (Evacon – water and air combination cooling)

  • Maximized condensing capacity, CE certificate products
  • Compact design by seamless pipe and high strength steel(STPG410) and enhancing high cooling efficiency
  • Induced draft type and Forced draft type are available depending on application

Unit coolers – electric / water defrosting

Ceiling hanger type, Slim type – middle of ceiling mount, Overhead mount type, Floor type

Other Refrigeration components

Oil separator, Receiver, Accumulator, Shell & tube water chillers, Plate heat exchanger and so on to be supplied and installed by the customer’s design